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MXGT Aura Si-Pin Gold Testing Machine

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First time in india - maxsell xrf gold tester with hindi language interface.

Maxsell Gold Testing Machine MXGT-AURA is based on Si-Pin Diode Detection technology. MXGT Aura is capable of detecting all metals. Due to its high resolution detection capability it detects any metal in lowest PPM concentration. Thus low content elements are easily analyzed and detected for its presence in the Alloy. This is essential function for Assay Labs & Testing Centers which provide certificates for tested sample. It’s also installed with automated anti-radiation device in order to ensure the user safety.

One of the biggest advantage of MXGT Aura Gold Testing Machine is its Si Pin Diode Semi Conductor based Detector which helps in detecting malicious elements present in Gold Jewellery likeIridium, Ruthenium, Cadmium, etc. As Per BIS Standards these elements are prohibited from being present in jewellery even in lowest PPM levels. Thus by using Maxsell MXGT Aura one can test if samples do contain such malicious even in minutest levels.

Touch Screen LCD control panel is fitted in the instrument to provide realtime system status to the user, this usually helps the user to control the essential instrument parameters such as Temperature and power supply.

With user friendly and comprehensive analysis software design. The user is at a great convenience in deriving accurate results in minimum time and least efforts. Result display in both percentage and karat. Automatically repeat testing multiple times and get average results. Multiple test report format to meet different customer’s printing requirement. MXGT Aura is best for Hallmarking centers, Assaying Centers, Testing Centres, etc. Where additional elements required to be tested, where certification of sample is the task. MXGT Aura is the answer.

Analysis elements: AU AG PT PD RH RU CU ZN NI CD in OS IR w (from AL to U, around 79 elements)

  • Analysis range:0. 01% 99. 99%
  • Test time: Typical 100 seconds (operator could set the time according to situation)
  • Test point dimension:1~2mm
  • Test precision:+/-0. 01%-0. 1%
  • instrument current: 120w
  • High voltage template: 50kv
  • X-ray source: mo material x-ray light tube (wind cool, no radiation)
  • Detector: si-pin (cooling: semiconductor)
  • Coated layer measurement: coated layer thickness range <30μm
  • Computer : Externally connected Both PC / Laptop.
  • Operation system: windows 7
  • Net weight: 30kg

  • Assayers
  • Hallmark labs
  • Testing & Tounch Centers
  • Refiners & high precise analysis applications.